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2014 Videocast Recordings

Ranjan Duara, MD

Introduction to the MCI Symposium 2014

Clifford R. Jack, MD

Keynote Address: The Relationship between Aβ Deposition, Neurodegeneration and Cognitive Function in Normal and Impaired Individuals

Susan Landau, PhD

Amyloid, Glucose Metabolism, and Longitudinal Change

Denise C. Park, PhD

Beta Amyloid Deposition in Very Healthy Adults: Risk Factors and Cognitive Consequences

Ronald Petersen, MD

The Role of Imaging Biomarkers in the Prediction of MCI and Dementia Due to AD

Gaël Chételat, PhD

Variation in the Sequence of AD Biomarkers According to Brain Regions and Genetic Factors

Elizabeth Mormino, PhD

Cognitive Correlates of Neurodegeneration Related to Beta-amyloid and Aging in Clinically Normal Individuals

David A. Wolk, MD

Clinical Implications of Concordant and Discordant Beta-Amyloid and Neurodegenerative Abnormalities in Mild Cognitive Impairment

William Klunk, MD, PhD


David Loewenstein, PhD, ABPP

Development of Novel Paradigms for Assessing and Monitoring Cognitive Change Across the MCI and PreMCI Spectrum

Hiroko Dodge, PhD

Biomarker Values Predictive of Cognitive Decline in MCI: Baseline or Progression?

Sara Czaja, PhD

Computer-Based Assessment of ADLs and IADLs in MCI

Ben Schmand, PhD

On Cognitive Performance as the Endpoint in Clinical Trials

Beth Snitz, PhD

Cognitive Trajectories Associated with β-amyloid Deposition in Normal Aging and MCI

Frederick Schmitt, PhD

Probability of Transition To and From MCI: Models of Clinical and Cognitive Features

Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH


Stephen Salloway, MD

Keynote Lecture: Challenges in the Diagnosis of Early Alzheimer’s Disease

David A. Wolk, MD

Case 1: Clinical Implications of Discordant Biomarkers

Charles DeCarli, MD

Case 2: A Case of Vascular MCI

Philip Scheltens, MD, PhD

Case 3: Conflicting Biomarkers in Clinical Practice

Dorene Rentz, PsyD

Case 4: Longitudinal Cognitive and Imaging Changes in a 70 y/o woman with Initial Subjective Cognitive Concerns

Tammie Benzinger, MD, PhD

Case 5: When Amyloid Imaging Isn’t Enough

Adam S. Fleisher, MD

Case 6: Biomarker Use to Assist in Diagnosis of Atypical MCI Presentations/ Imaging for Identifying non-AD

3rd Annual Early Alzheimer’s Diagnostic and Treatment Workshop

Open Discussion

Ranjan Duara, MD

2nd Annual Early Alzheimer’s Public Education Forum: Welcome Notes

Stephen Salloway, MD, MS

Introduction to the Educational Forum

David A. Wolk, MD

Incorporating Biomarkers of Amyloid and Neurogeneration in Clinical Evaluation of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Dorene Rentz, PsyD

The Role of Cognitive Reserve in the Clinical Presentation of Alzheimer’s Disease

Michael D. Devous, PhD

Amyloid Imaging in Healthy Aging: Impact on Brain Function and Cognition

Stephen Salloway, MD

Challenges in the Diagnosis of Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Adam S. Fleischer, MD, MAS

The Role of Amyloid Imaging in the Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment: Current Research and Clinical Utility

Panel Discussion