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  • The Wien Center for Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders, Mount Sinai Medical Center and 1Florida ADRC present
  • 19th Annual Mild Cognitive Impairment Symposium | Special Topic Workshop | Alzheimer's Public Educational Forum

February 27-28, 2021 | Online


The 18th MCI Symposium/Workshop/Forum announces its 2020 Travel Scholarships for Young Investigators made possible in part through the generous support of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation.

Travel scholarships will cover the registration (value $100-200) to attend the event and up to $400 to help defray travel or accommodations costs.

Scholarship amounts will be determined based on anticipated travel expenses and may vary on a case-by-case basis.

Travel scholarship checks will be distributed upon proof of attendance and at the conclusion of the event.

The program has no geographic restrictions. We aim to promote gender equality and increase diversity.




Young Investigators are defined as one of the following categories:

  • graduate students
  • medical students
  • postdoctoral fellows or residents who have earned their degree (PhD, PsyD, MD or DO) within the last five years.

Please note that scholarship recipients must commit to attending the entire event (MCI Symposium, Workshop and Forum).

Applicants must complete the online form available below before November 25, 2019, midnight US Eastern Time.

Travel scholarship application results and travel scholarship amounts to be awarded will be announced by email on or before November 29, 2019.